Investing Strategy

We closely collaborate with leading visionary scientists and entrepreneurs to identify breakthrough opportunities that enable strong foundations for exceptional life science companies.

During the company formation and build phase, we seek out the following:

  • We immerse ourselves in the science. The Cure Team employs its deep scientific background and drug development expertise as well as its strong network of key opinion leaders, to evaluate new scientific ideas.
  • We Invest in great ideas. We provide seed capital to drive key scientific experiments to validate, explore, and de-risk investment proposals. We realize that many cutting-edge ideas need funding to prove their feasibility. The seed phase helps increase the value for the Founders and identifies the best path for clinical development.
  • We empower scientists. Enabled by their contributions we partner with extraordinary scientists and founders who possess deep insights, inspiration, and rigor, to define a common vision.
  • We understand and manage risk. Revolutionary ideas can provide broad opportunities and inspire innovation capable of producing multiple products. These ‘Product Platforms’ may ignite additional investment opportunities across multiple diseases and drug modalities.
  • We add value. Our unique hands-on collaborative approach in launching and building companies, is coupled with our financial capital, and our scientific, technical, and business assistance, to rapidly take our scientific founders’ ideas and translate them into medicines.