Jeno Gyuris, Ph.D.

Jeno is a seasoned biotech professional with over three decades of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, his primary focus has been translating promising scientific discoveries into impactful therapies and fostering the growth of early-stage start-up companies.

Jeno has gained extensive scientific leadership and company-building experience, having assembled, led, and mentored high-performing R&D organizations. His teams have discovered six drug candidates currently in the clinic and supported the development of an approved drug.

Most recently, Jeno co-founded Sporos Bioventures LLC, where he took on the role of Chief Scientific Officer. In this capacity, he provided scientific leadership to several of Sporos’s portfolio companies. He was the chief Scientific Officer of Tvardi, Asylia, and Stellanova Therapeutics and a member of the Asylia and Stellanova boards. Prior to his tenure at Sporos, he spent 12 years at AVEO Oncology, where he held multiple scientific leadership roles, including serving as Chief Scientific Officer.

Jeno’s biotech journey began at Mitotix Inc., where he worked on discovering novel drugs targeting the cell cycle and protein degradation machinery. He earned his doctorate from the University of Szeged in Hungary and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. He also trained at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany.

Jeno’s extensive experience and scientific expertise have made him a respected figure in the biotech industry. He continues to be passionate about developing therapies that can make a difference in people’s lives and nurturing the growth of start-up companies that can drive innovation in the field.