Jeffrey M. Jonas, MD

Dr. Jonas (Jeff) is a Partner at Cure Ventures and brings over two decades of experience in R&D leadership and cutting-edge CNS drug discovery and development across medicines and brands that have successfully helped millions of patients, such as Lexapro, Vyvanse, Zulresso, Zurzuvae and Namenda. Dr. Jonas’ significant company-building and advisory experience has generated considerable shareholder and stakeholder value, particularly when developing novel scientific approaches to CNS.

Prior to joining Cure, Dr. Jonas was the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director at ABIO-X, a life science incubator for companies that are poised to bring transformative medicines and solutions to the global market. Before ABIO-X, Dr. Jonas was the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sage Therapeutics, where he led the development of industry-leading CNS treatments and development pipelines. Before Sage, he was President of the Regenerative Medicine Division at Shire Pharmaceuticals, where he was responsible for establishing the strategic direction of its marketed products and new product pipeline, including driving the achievement of R&D milestones. Early on in his career, Dr. Jonas served as Executive Vice President of ISIS Pharmaceuticals and held senior positions at Forest Laboratories, Inc. and Upjohn Laboratories.

Dr. Jonas has published more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers, chapters, abstracts, and books, and holds multiple patents. He received his B.A. from Amherst College and M.D. from Harvard Medical School, completed a residency in psychiatry at Harvard and served as Chief Resident of Psychopharmacology at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medicine School. Dr. Jonas is a member of the board for Karuna Pharmaceuticals and Generation Bio, and he is Chairman of the Board for Noema Therapeutics.